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Custody Agreements: How to Set Summer Schedules

Apr 29, 2019 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Duncan Law Firm

Summer is here and the children are excited, but parents who are trying to set a summer parenting time schedule may not be. Parents who share custody of their children and are co-parenting often struggle with setting a summer parenting time schedule. When children are in school, families usually have a set schedule with agreed parenting time days and transitions. But, during the summer, a more flexible schedule can be used because a set schedule is not necessary to accommodate school and other activities. Communicating with your co-parent about summer plans and how best to organize your parenting time is helpful to make a stress-free summer for everyone. Here are some simple tips for parents to use.

1.  Plan ahead – Work with your co-parent to plan ahead and let each other know of vacation plans, summer camps, family get-togethers, special dates, and other big events.  Notifying each other of these dates early helps avoid conflict and allows you to create a schedule that accommodates the events. For the benefit of the children it is important to try to work with your co-parent so the summer is fun for the kids and they can make some fantastic childhood memories with both parents.

2.  Talk with the kids – When making a summer parenting schedule, it is important to talk with your children.  This allows you to factor in their preferences and what they may like to do.  This really helps children, especially older children, feel more comfortable with the summer schedule.

3.  Be flexible – Summer is about spending quality time together and making lasting memories.  When working out a schedule, be flexible. It’s okay to accommodate the other parent’s request and work together. By working together and cooperating with each other, you can create a schedule you are both happy with and where the children benefit.

Use these tips to help set a parenting schedule that makes everyone happy. Don’t spend your summer worrying about parenting time and spend it making lasting memories with your children!