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Camping First Aid Checklist

Feb 28, 2019 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: ‘Hood Magazine

Band-Aids. Small cuts and blisters are bound to happen. Keeping some bandages in your campers first aid kit can help. Of course, large cuts or injuries should always be directed to someone in charge.

Antibacterial ointment. Should a small cut occur, be sure your camper puts some ointment on it to speed up the healing process and to avoid infection.

Sunscreen. Summer camps often mean a lot of outdoor time and protecting against sunburns is vital.

Aloe. In the chance that your camper does get too much sun, having something to offer relief and comfort is important.

Bug spray. Camps that are based outside and especially near water such as lakes can be lead to mosquito bites. Be sure to send some repellent along.

Cortisone cream. If bug bites do happen, having something to help counteract the itch and swelling is good.

Extra toothbrush. Pack an extra toothbrush in your camper’s bags. Accidents happen and it's easy to drop while heading to the bathroom to brush. Camps often have outdoor bathrooms or dorm settings and should their toothbrush hit the ground it's best to just throw it away.

Extra zip plastic bags. Packing a couple extra zip up bags can be used for a variety of reasons. They're great for keeping items dry or separating wet towels and swimsuits from other clothes when packing for the return home.

A small flashlight and a few extra batteries. If your camp allows, you may want to consider sending a book light with your camper too, this could give your child a chance to do a little reading before rest time or prior to bed.

Lip balm- with SPF. It's important to protect your lips from those UV rays too.

Travel tissues and hand wipes. Hitting the travel section at the store can be a great idea before packing. Some extra tissues in their bags can help in case they’re not near a bathroom. Disposable wet wipes are perfect for cleaning up hands when your camper can't make it to a sink.