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Rolling into the World of Breads

Feb 28, 2019 01:24PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Breadsmith

If you don’t count yourself as a bread enthusiast, here’s a bit of help to guide you towards finding a bread that’s just right.

Thick crust:

·         Sourdough

·         French

·         French peasant

Dry Airy Crust:

·         Ciabatta

·         Rustic Italian

Dense Bread:

·         Honey white

·         Honey wheat

·         French baguette

·         Bread bowls

Hearty Bread:

·         Marathon multigrain

·         Any other multigrain breads

Texture Bread:

·         Black Russian

When it comes to caring for your bread, to get the most out of it, Susie, from the Sioux Falls area Breadsmith says you simply have to remember the “3-to-5 rule.”

Being baked the old-fashioned way, handmade breads leave out all the preservatives and other odd ingredients and, hence, usually last up to 3-5 days on your shelf.

Your freshly handmade bread can be frozen in the plastic bag it comes in for up to 3-5 months, extending that expiration date dramatically. Overall, the fresher the bread is before it goes in the freezer, the fresher it will taste after it’s taken out. Also, bread dries out because the moisture within it freezes and condenses. An easy way to keep your bread from drying out is to leave it in its plastic bag overnight after taking it out of the freezer so that the moisture can redistribute.

If you’d rather not take out the entire loaf from the freezer only to use a few slices and have the rest of it spoil, simply let the bread loaf sit out for 3-5 minutes to slightly thaw, and then break off the few slices you need before putting the rest of the loaf back into the freezer.