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Top Tips for Reselling your Kids Clothes

Feb 28, 2019 01:20PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Once Upon a Child

Your kids are growing quickly out of everything. And now you have the toys, clothes, and other items they’ve left in the wake of their passing youth. To help you with the transitions, here are some of the basics you may not have thought of when you go to sell these items:

·         Freshly Laundered: Simply said – even if it was sitting out in the garage, stashed, stuffed, or folded away – buyers will usually ask that you give those clothes a quick run through the wash.

·         Wear and Tear: Items that work and look in proper order are more likely to be accepted.

·         Complete Sets: Although many stores will still accept some item collections that aren’t complete, they’re more likely to take on those that are as complete as possible and give you more in return for the set.

·         Current Styles: Kids clothes and other items are more likely to be taken off your hands if they’re in styles of the last five years.

·         Season: Often, stores will accept all type of wear – winter, fall, summer and spring – all seasons of the year.

·         Know What’s in Demand: Never hesitate to visit or call stores and ask what type of items they’re in need of or wanting. They may be looking for items you haven’t even thought of (i.e. toy boxes, outdoor toys, dance wear and sports gear). You can also take the chance to ask about items they may not accept such as car seats.

Safety Standards: Most stores will have their own tests in place to review an item for issues with its safety status and overall condition.