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Learning to Swim - 4 Gifts in 1

Feb 28, 2019 01:05PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Safe Splash Swim School

Water quenches our thirst; grows our food and cleans our world. It can also nourish our soul as source of relaxation and joy many times over the course of a lifetime. Whether dip in the pool with friends, a trip to the lake or ocean with family, or a going on a cruise, the difference between joy and fear around water is often just one thing - learning to swim.

When you give a child the gift of learning-to-swim, you are giving them a gift of a lifetime, one that is really 4 gifts rolled into 1.

* Gift # 1: Water Safety

o The most important reason a child should learn to swim is SAFETY. Swimming is a vital life skill. It's something that your child will retain for their entire life with the potential to be a true-life saver. Soccer, baseball, gymnastics, karate are all great sports; nevertheless, if your child falls off a dock or boat and into a lake or pool, his pitching arm isn't going to get him to safety.

* Gift # 2: Self Confidence

o Swimming is a difficult skill to master—ask any adult learning to swim. Furthermore, for some, built-in fears are a reality. Every child is different and all swimmers progress at different rates. Because it is so personal, progress is entirely the result of instructor attention and individual effort. With progress comes the satisfaction and joy of personal accomplishment. As confidence builds, fear subsides.

o Pre-school children are little sponges absorbing knowledge and developing their fine motor skills every day. Eventually ‘muscle-memories’ come into play when an instructor asks them to do something—its automatic. This instant ability to respond through muscle memory is another confidence builder.

* Gift # 3: Lifelong Fun in and around water

o Swimming is a great form of physical activity that actively involves bodies and minds while having fun. It is also social activity that naturally allows people to interact with others in water based activities.

o As children grow and become teens and adults, water-based opportunities expand. Knowing how to swim, and being confident in and around water, means your child can partake in these opportunities instead of shunning them throughout their life.

* Gift # 4: Health and Exercise Options throughout life stages

o Swimming is a heart-healthy activity and great for strengthening lung capacity. The longer kids spend in the pool swimming, the more their heart is working and the better lung capacity they will have. This is especially true for kids who swim laps. Many people with asthma are very successful swimmers. Swimming and building lung capacity increase their resistance to asthma.

o Swimming is a no-impact workout that provides resistance training. It's a one-of-a-kind workout! It is fantastic for toning shoulders, arms, backs, and abs and it's easy to do. For elderly people, low-impact water aerobics provide a great way to both exercise and feel good in the water because there is no impact on their bodies.

SafeSplash will be offering 2-week summer camps in June and July to introduce your kids to swimming, or give them a swimming skill boost for the summer. Call 605-204-5100 now to learn more.