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Washington Pavilion: March Feature

Feb 28, 2019 11:34AM ● By The Hood Magazine

There is only one place in Sioux Falls where you can build robots, perform in a musical, create pottery, and develop installation art with your friends.

This summer, the Washington Pavilion will be offering another exciting year with camp opportunities for students ages 3 – 18. Familiar favorites include:

•      Jedi Training Camp

•      Musical Theatre Camp

•      Mini Medical School

•      Clay Studio

•      Awesome 3D Art

•      Compassionate Kids Camp

•      Science: Magic for Muggles

•      Chemistry for Kids Camp with Sanford Research


 Last year, more than 800 students participated in Pavilion Summer Camps. Join us for fun, creativity and learning this summer!

Do you enjoy tinkering, experimenting, and building? Consider:

•      Dream Big Engineers

•      Roller Coaster Physics and Engineering

•      Contraption Camp


 Are you constantly sketching and doodling? Perhaps try:

•      Comics and Cartooning

•      Doodle, Sketch, Draw


Do you love the limelight? Try:

•      Musical Theatre Camp

•      Sing, Dance, Act

There are a wide variety of summer camps for you to dive into what you love, help expand your skills, and meet new friends.

Try some awesome activities like:

Slimy Slime. Elephant toothpaste. Comic sketching. Clay bowls. Robots. Pendulum painting. Zip, Boing, Pow!

Come prepared to create, get messy, learn, explore, listen and dive in to all that the Washington Pavilion has to offer. Get ready for the Best. Summer. Ever.


Explore the worlds of art, science and theatre through exciting, educational opportunities. A hands-on approach helps you develop creativity, utilize problem-solving skills and think outside the box. From Camp Ew! and Jr. Astronaut Academy, to Artist Adventure and Junior Musical Theatre Camp, there is something for everyone!


Weekly Summer Camps are available from June 3 - August 15, with multiple opportunities for kids age 3-18 to get involved each week. Scholarships are available for students with financial need. Full camp schedule, descriptions and registration can be found at