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2019 Teacher of the Year

Feb 01, 2019 11:08AM ● By The Hood Magazine

For Miss Sarah, being a teacher to her students over the past seven years is what she does best. Being a teacher to Lily is something she has embraced and her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

“Lily is such a sweet little girl who has been through so much, medically,” said Miss Sarah. “I met her before school started. A couple weeks after school started, she started coming and her mom started coming. As long as Lily is here, her mom is here, or her dad. Her parents are always with her and they also act as another teacher in the classroom, so the kids also benefit.”

Lily’s parents take turns attending school with her due to her extensive medical needs. Lily’s Mom, Kari knew right away her daughter was in the right place.

“Lily is our 6th child in the Harrisburg School District and Miss Sarah is amazing,” said Kari. “It’s been amazing to watch how she teaches so differently. She teaches beyond a curriculum. She just has a way of teaching I’ve never seen before. She has an incredible bond in the kids and with the students. For us as a family, she totally wrapped herself around us. She has seen our struggles and our medical needs along with many trips and surgeries.”

As it turns out, this is Miss Sarah’s first year in a traditional classroom. Her previous six years were in early childhood special education. She says her prior experience has helped her immensely, but she couldn’t do it without her team at school.

“I love the team effort to make a day happen,” said Miss Sarah. “From specials to office staff, to my amazing aide, to my kindergarten team, I just love my team.”

And Miss Sarah’s passion for her team carries over to her classroom, impacting lives like Lily.

“She loves her teacher and her friends and we accommodate and give her anything we can at this point,” said Kari. “Sarah is so good, when we can’t make it, she sends messages and video clips and talks to her. Lily is five, but she’s been through a lot. Miss Sarah takes the time to tell her she will be missed when she’s not at school, but it’ll be ok.” 

Miss Sarah Nomination:

Sarah is not only an amazing teacher but also has the biggest heart ever for her students. Lily has undergone five surgeries since august yet every day is thrilled when she can go to school to be with Miss Hansen. It is her biggest joy right now. Sarah has taken it upon herself to help support not only Lily but our whole family. She did a taco bar fundraiser for the staff at school, she created a t-shirt and online fundraiser and she nominated us for the Rush for a Cause Award for 2018. She also goes above and beyond by sending videos of the class while we are gone at surgery to make everyday a better day for Lily.  She finds her projects to do while she cannot go to recess or gym that make her feel extra special. She truly cares for every child in her class and goes above and beyond daily to meet each of their needs. She shares each child's creation on See Saw multiple times a day to bring joy to the parents and the student.  She changes her dramatic play center every 6-8 week which are always over the top amazing! She delivers a Christmas present to the class every day in December to change up their Buddy Bins so they continue to learn and never get bored. After having 6 children in the school system, I've never seen such a fun learning environment and someone that can wrangle a classroom and challenge them to be their best self, while gaining their hearts with group hugs. We are beyond blessed to have her be part of the education system, the Harrisburg School District, but mostly be part of our family.