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Working Parents: The Johnson Family

Nov 28, 2018 04:22PM ● By The Hood Magazine

Johnson Family

Family members:

Jeremiah and Nilofar

Kids: Aspen (7), Myah (20 months) and baby Johnson on the way

What are your job titles?


Nilofar-Director of Inspections for South Dakota Air National Guard

1.      What is a typical day like in your home?

Typical day is wake up at 5ish, get breakfast ready with my husband, leave home by 6:15 a.m. 


-        Advise Commanders of undetected noncompliance and provide confidence in 114th Fighter Wing readiness

-        Develop, interpret, and implement Air Force inspection policy and long-range strategic plans

-        Create, plan, schedule, and execute exercises/inspections to measure unit compliance and capability to execute the mission. Findings are utilized for reporting discipline, efficiency, economy and readiness of South Dakota National guard and its 1100 members

-        Provide direction and oversight of internal and external inspections, audits, evaluations, reviews and exercises to determine unit effectiveness and efficiency, and to ensure standardized, robust inspections and self-assessments are conducted

Dinner: try to get home just in time to bath my little girl and get her to bed. My husband is my other half and we contribute as a team.  Couldn’t do what we do without each other’s support and help. After that it’s time to clean up, laundry or any other daily tasks that needs to be accomplished.   Weekends are time for activities, mostly for the kids.  We try to find different things to occupy their time and learn something. 

2.      As a working parent, how do you juggle a busy schedule?

I have an incredible partner who executes his fair share of the work. 

We have a routine and manage time very well (he cooks, I bath the girls;  I clean and he gets groceries; I get the outfits ready for the week and he gets the girls ready in the mornings and so on…)   

3.      What do you find to be the most challenging?

The guilt of wanting financial independence and wanting to spend more quality time with my babies. The long days at work are a challenge.  I miss my little girl with the start of her day and PM when she gets home.  I found it challenging to find daycare that would suit my work hours.

4.      What's your trick to stay organized?

There is really no trick.  I have always been very organized…maybe to a fault if you asked my husband. Both personal and professional life, I set goals and I go after it.

5.      What tips do you have for other busy working families?

Be a team! Support each other. Know your limits. Being a parent is not an easy job, but it’s the most wonderful experience I could have been blessed with. 

6.      How do you find time for yourself?

Time for each other is very important.  I didn’t balance this well until my daughter was almost a year and half.  Now, my husband and I will take a day off just for each other and we have a date day.  We have coffee and talk, we shop together, we have lunch and spend the whole day together.  Sometimes we just take a napJ

7.      How do you plan your days/weeks?

Most of the time our routine is the same and we keep our children on a routine.  This seems to help us plan week to week.

8.      How might you motivate other working families?

What is right for you?  What is fulfilling?  I want my children to see a strong mother who balances career and family, who is not afraid of displaying independence and strength.  I realize that every mother has a different goal.  Mine is simply to be me…I don’t compare myself with other women, but what is right for my family.

My mother was a stay at home mother until my father passed.  She is the strongest, most determined woman I know and respect.  She raised six kids selflessly. 


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