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Gift of an Experience

Nov 01, 2018 02:22PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Children’s Museum ofSouth Dakota

With a change of perspective — and a framework of simplicity — that pressure can be relieved: instead of focusing on things, focus on time.

When we look back at our holiday memories, we might remember a gift or two, but more often we recall the time we spent with our loved ones, lounging in pajamas, or eating cinnamon rolls and cookies for breakfast.

This may be why “experience gift giving,” including time-based gifts, has taken off in recent years. In 2017, 40% of shoppers planned to give experience gifts rather than store-bought items, and research shows that interactive experiences like mystery dinner theaters, trips to museums, or even a picnic create longer memories than a material item.

Experience gifts build relationships. Simply put, when we spend time together we get to know each other better.

While wrapping an experience can be tricky, there are some fun ways to present your gift. Consider a scavenger hunt (which is an experience in itself) or create a handmade coupon or craft to present it.

Experience gifts are all about stopping, getting out of your regular routine and enjoying each other’s company. Not sure what to give? Think playfully! It could be as simple as walking through a nature park, or going on a road trip to a local town. Check out the museums or walk down Main Street. But most importantly, be in the moment.

Regardless of how the gift takes shape, there’s one thing we can be sure of: the time we spend together during the holidays is a gift we always remember … especially when breakfast cookies are involved!