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DIY Mini Pumpkinds

09/27/2018 02:25PM ● By Digital Media Director

By: Museum of Visual Materials

Pour some acrylic paint into jars and give it some time to let the paint spill over on the insides of jar by moving the jar or putting it on its side.

Paint the lid green and find something around the house for a stem, maybe a cork or sticks from outside. Use a hot glue gun to attach your stem to the top of the lid.

I wrapped ribbon around the stem to make it look a bit more decorative. Get creative with it! 

Enjoy your upcycled Halloween décor!


This would be a great activity for kids too! Don’t have baby jars? No problem! You could use sauce jars or canning jars or get creative with vases. You could also grab a sharpie to create a Jack O Lantern!