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Trading Kid Gear: Saving Money

Sep 27, 2018 02:10PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Rose Bickett, ‘Hood Magazine

The Great Balancing Act

Maybe you have so many baby and kid things, that you are beginning to feel that your home is more like a cluttered daycare. Or perhaps it's well on the way to the becoming of a chaotic circus headed up by a slightly neurotic ringmaster who is sick of drinking cold coffee and tripping on the infant swing that the now preschooler uses as part of her parkour course. Whatever your case, as parents, most all of us can attest to having a couple of nice kid items just sitting around for no good reason. The good news is, you can work with this.

A solution

 Its easy to overlook that your children may be outgrowing some of their most valuable things. From pack-n-plays, swings, and carriers, to toys and all the clothing sizes they outgrew so quickly, it was all valuable to your family and often has plenty of life left for another family to enjoy. Stacy Fodness from our local Once Upon a Child store agrees. She says, "There are so many great options for parents when it comes to baby gear. The problem is that your little one grows quickly and will most likely outgrow those expensive items long before they wear out.  Recycling them back into the community by buying and selling them gently used, makes a lot of sense. However, safety is a number one priority so make sure these items have been checked for recalls first.” Nikole Edberg, a local mother of three children under six, has recently  taken advantage of this sensible option, taking four big totes to the local “gently used” store. She offered a variety of clothes, blankets, and bedding, ranging in size from newborn to toddler, and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. She said she normally just offers her kids’ stuff to family and friends or drops them off at a thrift store, but thought she’d give this a try since she had so much. Nikole said the store wanted most of her items and what they didn’t purchase, she just dropped off at a thrift store on her way home. She made a lot more money than she thought she would and said it was definitely worth it.

A Noble Contribution

Buying used, trading, or selling your kid stuff locally is an economical option that can help you extend the investments you’ve made, while also benefiting other families, and supporting a local business. And a choice like this extends even farther in a “win-win” way: by trading and reusing, rather than purchasing new, you are conserving valuable resources and energy, keeping things out of the landfill and ultimately our oceans. What a simple way to make a noble contribution toward a greener planet, and a more sustainable local community, not to mention a more peaceful living room at your place. Goodbye circus, hello humble abode. Happy resale adventures to you all!