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Get Your Day Going Right From the Start!

Aug 30, 2018 01:05PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Karl’s TV Appliance & Furniture

It’s one of the most important things we do every single day of our lives, yet hundreds of thousands of people of all ages do not eat breakfast.

It’s estimated one in four children skips breakfast. Failure to get the fuel the body needs to get going brings negative consequences like lost concentration in school. When kids don’t have the energy to get through the morning, they become tired and lethargic waiting for lunch. Breakfast is important to fuel the body and be ready to go the extra mile.

Having a solid and consistent routine for morning breakfast brings calm in what can be a chaotic time of the day. It allows for the healthy habit of eating a good, balanced breakfast begins the routine that hopefully will carry on through their teenage years and on into their adulthood.

Breakfast is also the time of day when you begin to fill and fuel the body with healthy fluids like water, milk and natural juices from eating whole fruits. It’s a good idea to avoid fruit drinks as they often have lots of extra sugars. 

The heat and eat method using your microwave can offer you time savings and allow you to provide a good and balanced and healthy meal. Oatmeal, scrambled egg whites and warm water with a lemon can be ready in minutes. It’s touted that drinking 16 ounces of warm water with a lemon kick starts your metabolism.

Here are a few ideas:

·         Fresh fruit

·         Greek yogurt with your favorite fruit and a little granola

·         Frozen fruit smoothie

·         Whole grain toast with almond butter

·         Any whole grain cereal with milk

·         Egg whites and bruschetta

If you have a little extra time, or on a weekend try these delicious options:

·         Muffins made from scratch using your favorite fruit

·         Hard boiled or poached eggs

·         Whole wheat pancakes with fresh fruit

·         Omelets using egg whites and veggies of your choice

We also suggest to have some upbeat and happy music playing in the background and avoid any cell phones or TV during breakfast to help jump start your day.