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Create a Kids Cooking Camp

Jul 12, 2018 09:04AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Karl’sTV, Appliance & Furniture

This will most definitely be one of the biggest hits of the summer, next to swimming! You are surely going to have fun, giggle, and make messes, along with great memories! 

The simple key to this week-long activity and the success with it, is a little bit of planning, and some creativity.


1. Let your kids help choose the recipes.

Ask your kids for one or two of their favorite summer recipes for each meal. It really helps to prepare an outline for the cooking sessions. Another fun idea is to use the Internet or Pinterest to locate fun, simple, and fast food ideas for kids.

2. Get out of the kitchen! Cooking is everywhere!

Find a kid’s video on one of the social media channels about cooking, or cooking shows. They are usually very short, fun, and engaging.  Involving your kids using media that they are comfortable with, helps to ensure greater success, and will also be an activity you can have them search and research on. When they are engaged and finding other kids making meals, they too will be excited to participate with you.

3. Have a theme for every day.

Use your imagination on creating the themes for every day. Incorporate a family favorite, a favorite of the kids, or an upcoming vacation. The ideas are endless and you get to build upon it any way you want to!

4. Don’t make the tasks too tough.

Keep in mind the ages of your kids. This is important for taking into consideration, to make sure the tasks they are involved in, are age appropriate.  For example, little kids can help with measuring, simple stirring and assembling items, but shouldn’t be using sharp or electric items. It’s up to you to know your child’s limits.

5.  They’ll learn, but don’t push it too hard.

The simple experience of our everyday cooking has many different levels of science, math and art. When measuring, sometimes it takes a ½ cup of this or that. This allows for a great opportunity to discuss fractions. Allow the kids the creativity to make the items as pretty, neat, or weird as they want…that’s the definition of art. Simple science is available with lots of recipes online that include kid’s science with food. Or even better, call the local bakery and take a tour. See and hear the science involved with making YUMMY donuts!

6. Let the kids cook at least one meal on their own.

Let your schedule of events include a meal completely prepared and cooked by your little person(s) on the last day of camp.

7. Remember to keep it safe..

Every time you are in the kitchen with food, talk through the basics, such as washing hands and using sharp/electric items with care and responsibility

8. Most of all, HAVE FUN!