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Apple Tree Learning Centers

Jul 06, 2018 08:55AM ● By The Hood Magazine

The mission of Apple Tree Children's Centers:

Provide exceptional care, nurture and age appropriate learning opportunities in the context of a Christ centered worldview.

In addition to our mission statement three of our main goals are to:

1. Give awesome customer service: We want our families to know that we consider them to be just that family. We encourage our staff to get to know their families greet parents by name and smile. We also want to make sure that we do what we can to make Apple Tree the place to be.

2. High quality education; we often hear from kindergarten teachers that they can tell which children have attended Apple Tree. They are more confident and fully prepared. They not only recognize their letters, numbers and shapes. But they also know how to take turns, share and be respectful of each other. Apple Tree children are more than ready to learn in a classroom setting. 

3. Cleanest centers in town; all our teachers work with our cleaning staff to make sure that toys, surfaces and floors are all cleaned and sanitized on an ongoing basis. We take great pride when someone walks into the center and mentions how clean it looks and smells.


Apple Tree serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack every day and we recently went through a reworked our menu.

Our menu now limits the processed foods, has more made from scratch items and all our meals are never fried. We also are including vegetarian meals, and serving whole grains and fresh fruits and veggies daily. Our menus have also been reviewed and accepted by the state of South Dakota food program the CACFP and we make sure to follow all of their guidelines.

Outstanding referral program for parents;

We have a really great referral policy. If any parent refers a family for a tour of any of our four centers, that family gets a $25.00 credit. If the family that tours decides to enroll they will get their registration fee waived and after fours weeks each family receives a tuition credit equal to one week.

We know that many parents hear of our program through word of mouth and we want to make sure to say thank you for that.

Safety: We have keypad entry systems and are moving to biometric fingerprint scanners as a way of opening the doors and signing families in and out of the system.

We boast video cameras in every room as well as outside, to help with training of staff and monitor classrooms efficiently. 

Our teachers strive to make sure that all the children that come through Apple Tree Learning Centers are well prepared for their journey into Kindergarten. Beginning in the three year old classrooms where the children start their official preschool experience the staff work in tandem with each other to help the children reach the developmental milestones needed to move on to the next classroom. Each year the teachers have a scheduled conference with the parents where they can sit down and go through a detailed assessment. Showing parents how their child is progressing.