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What I Want to be When I Grow Up-Hudson

Jun 29, 2018 ● By The Hood Magazine

Hudson is nine-years-old and has spent a good part of his life teaching himself about fishing. He dreams of being a Game Fish and Parks worker, or a pro-fisherman. His mom Jessie says his love of the sport started at age five.

“He fishes with dad and team Wild Dakota along with Ted Takasaki, which sparked a huge interest,” said Jessie. “He has since taken on a lot by himself and started to teach himself a lot by trial and error.”

Hudson says his dream to work for GFP and as a fisherman is something he’s passionate about.

“I want to keep the lakes stocked, safe and clean and I just love fishing,” said Hudson. “My favorite part about this is seeing families fish safely and correctly, the way the state says.”

 His parents are proud of his passion and his focus at such a young age.

“He is already "our little pro" who out fishes our whole family every time,” said Jessie. “I love his passion for keeping the lakes stocked and safe and not having people over limit. We fish together any time we can. We also follow the Game Fish and Parks rules and Hudson loves reading up on the booklets and new guidelines.”

A special thanks to South Dakota Game Fish and Parks and the Outdoor Campus for letting Hudson experience his dream!