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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up-Baze

Jun 29, 2018 02:28PM ● By The Hood Magazine

Baze has big dreams of one day being a builder and crane operator. His mom Elizabeth says he’s always had a passion for building.

 “Baze has always liked playing with blocks, tools and construction vehicles and watching construction shows,” said Elizabeth. “When he was two, we bought him a construction worker vest, hardhat and safety glasses that he wore for Halloween and continues to wear when he plays and helps dad with projects.”

Baze says he wants to be a builder because he likes a good challenge.

“I like figuring out how to make sturdy structures,” said Baze.

He says he one day wants to work with cranes and excavators and he loves working with real tools like hammers and drills. His parents continue to give him the tools to learn and grow and want to learn more about his future career.

 “Children learning through play, expressing creativity and asking lots of questions,” said Elizabeth. “We encourage Baze to ask questions (many of which we do not know the answers to) and help him find the answers. We also encourage Baze to use his imagination, figure out how things work and solve problems on his own. These are life skills that will be important in any career path Baze chooses to pursue when he grows up.”

A special thanks to Aaron Junck from Epic Built Construction for letting us give Baze an experience as a builder!