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Mommy Gets Fit 2018

Apr 30, 2018 12:46PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Jessica Brovold, ‘Hood Magazine

In February we introduced you to our 2018 Mommy Gets Fit Winner, Chelsea VanLeur. Chelsea is a mom of three. She lives in Brandon with her husband and children. She’s also a third grade teacher.

Chelsea is like many moms who are busy, on the go and simply don’t always have time to take care of themselves. For the past few months, Chelsea has put in the time and effort at Koko FitClub Sioux Falls to focus on her health and wellness and the results speak for themselves.

“I am proud of my results,” said Chelsea. “This was just the start for me. My journey does not end here. I have accomplished so many short-term goals in these four months.  I shocked myself a few times! I definitely have more determination than what I thought.”

Chelsea says in the beginning it was all about weight loss, but she’s seen much more than that.

“I have gained a ton of strength and flexibility too,” said Chelsea. “I have more energy and all around feel so much better.”

Chad Huston was Chelsea’s trainer at Koko. He says it was Chelsea’s attitude that helped her see great success.

“She always comes in ready to work for her training sessions,” said Chad. “She always has a positive attitude and comes ready to push herself to the next level.”

Chelsea says pushing herself didn’t come easy.

“In the beginning, it was definitely more challenging for me,” said Chelsea. “Trying to figure out times I was going to get in the gym and everything else that life brings. Once my family and I got that schedule down, it just all fell into place. I am taking so much from this experience. I regained a love for strength training and lifting weights. After starting at KoKo Fit Club, I realized I missed that part of exercising.”

 With help from a Fitcoach, Chelsea was held accountable. Chad says talking through nutrition was also key in Chelsea’s success.

“Chelsea seemed to have difficulty with her diet and water intake,” said Chad. “Being a teacher, it’s difficult to fit in enough snacks, water and protein on a busy schedule. Weekends are the usually the most difficult. If people are eating healthy Monday through Thursday and not the rest of the week, that is really only eating healthy 57% of the time.”

Through hard work and determination, Chelsea found what worked best for her. She realized it was going to take focus and some change.

“Making a life change is hard,” said Chelsea. “People don't like change, I definitely get set in my ways. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone to accomplish goals. I think the hardest part of a healthier life style is starting. Once I got started, it became easier.”

Chelsea hopes her story can help inspire others to take control of their health.

“You can do anything you put your mind too,” said Chelsea. “I am a person who stresses very easily.  I had days I thought ‘how am I going to ever do this with a full time job, thee kids and still have a life?’ It always works out. It’s not always glamorous, but I did it. If I can do it, others can too.”

She says she’s humbled by the experience and she thanks the team at Koko for making her feel at ease.

“When you struggle with your weight and self image you are nervous to step into a gym, in fear of being judged,” said Chelsea. “I never once felt this way. They were some of the best cheerleaders, always encouraging me to keep going and do my best. One thing I was looking for in a trainer or staff is someone who genuinely wants to get to know me. I don't want to work with someone who stands there and tells me what exercises to do. I wanted to work with someone who wants to know things about me outside of the gym and everyone at KoKo did just that.”

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