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Must Sleep Mattress Giveaway Winner: The Scheff Family

Mar 28, 2018 10:28AM ● By The Hood Magazine

The Scheff Family

Justin, Jennifer, Jaxon (8) and Jeren (5)

The Scheff family from Montrose has been on a medical journey for the past eight years.

“Both boys are missing three genes that have many side effects including visual impairments, trouble breathing, heart and kidney issues and so on,” said Jennifer.

As caretakers to their children, sleep is important for Justin and Jennifer.

“Our boys see 23 specialists in South Dakota, Minnesota and Pennsylvania,” said Jennifer. “Our Faith keeps us moving forward when we feel like we can’t. We are blessed to be chosen as the caretakers and advocates of Jaxon and Jeren. Their smiles and perseverance are beautiful. They are my heroes!”

When the Scheff’s found out they’d be getting a new mattress, they were emotional.

“My heart sparkled,” said Jennifer. “I was teary-eyed and excited to say goodbye to the struggles of the past that our bed represents and hello to renewal of strength and peace.”

Jennifer says getting a new mattress gives them a renewed look at life.

“With the messiness and stresses of life, this reminds us to continue to find the hope, positivity and beauty that happens too,” said Jennifer.

The Scheff’s appreciate organizations willing to give back.

“Thank you Beds by Design for giving back to the community and giving families a little extra comfort,” said Jennifer.


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