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Must Sleep Mattress Giveaway Winner: The Weideman Family

Mar 28, 2018 10:25AM ● By The Hood Magazine

The Weideman Family

Curtis, Michelle, Mailee (14), Jacob (10), Colton, (6)

The Weideman family is from Sioux Falls. Curtis and Michelle have three children who are always thankful for what they have and that includes just having a place to sleep.

“It is a huge blessing to receive a new mattress,” said Michelle. “We have had our mattress for over 12 years.”

They say they were also shocked learning they were the recipients of the new mattress. 

“I was astonished and amazed that I won,” said Michelle. “I hardly ever win anything, but this is going to make a huge difference for us.”

Michelle describes her family as one that loves each other and makes sacrifices for each other.

“We are happy with what we have and are always thankful for new things,” said Michelle.

She says this new mattress couldn’t be coming at a better time and she’s forever thankful.

“Thank you to Beds by Design,” said Michelle. “By doing this giveaway, you are giving families a reassurance that when life gets tough to just keep treading on and never give up hope.”  


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