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Summer Grilling Season Straight Ahead

Mar 28, 2018 10:05AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: KarlsTV, Audio and Appliances

Your grill is an extension of your kitchen and can be used every day of the year if you choose. There are the standards of pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks and chicken breasts, but there are so many more! Have you made a cake on the grill? Grilled cheese sandwiches? Get out there and experiment: the grill is a versatile cooking tool!

Grilling is done around the world, even in Washington D.C.. Grilling has been a White House tradition since the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. Even the leader of the free world enjoys a barbecue now and again. A “pig pickin’” was hosted by Jimmy Carter; and George Bush Senior regularly held annual barbecues on the South Lawn of the White House for Members of Congress.  

The allure of barbecuing is very simple - spending time with family and friends while making and sharing a delicious meal. Breaking bread is the universal symbol around the world of peace and harmony!

A few fun facts about grilling:

When asked the most popular day to grill, one survey reported July 4th at the top spot with 72%. Memorial Day grabs second place with about 56% and Labor Day rounds out the top three at 55%.

What are the most favorite items to grill? Grilling industry figures show that hamburgers are the most likely item to be found on the grill with a whopping 85%. The all-American hot dog sizzles is next, a favorite of the kiddos! Chicken, which has many different grill preparation possibilities, rounds out the top three.

Most popular side dish: Potatoes!

Gas, pellet or kamado, there is a perfect grill for everyone, you just need to start by doing a little research.