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KDLT News- St. Patrick's Day Fun

Mar 13, 2018 ● By The Hood Magazine
Need some fun St. Patrick's Day themed crafts to do? We have just what you need! We stopped by KDLT News to share a couple of easy things you can do at home to get in the spirit of the holiday. Check it out here!

 Edible Rainbows:

 Froot Loops Cereal

Large Marshmallow

Pipe Cleaner

Stick one side of the pipe cleaner in the marshmallow. String the froot loops through the pipe cleaner and attach the other side in the other marshmallow.

Pot of Gold Twirlers

Paper Plate

Construction Paper




Color a rainbow on both sides of the paper plate. Cut the paper plate into a spiral. Using construction paper, cut out a pot shape and small circles for gold pieces. Use glue of tape to attach! These are run to hang up high and enjoy their vibrant colors!