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Getting Craft with Summer Camps

Feb 28, 2018 11:11AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: AR Workshop

If your little one is crafty or likes using their hands, this is the perfect time to build something with them that they can cherish forever.

Start by finding some summer camps or projects that will be a good fit for their age, interest… and attention span. Sending your kindergartner off to a three-week residential intensive summer camp will be much harder on their energy levels than for an 8th grader, so plan carefully!

Next, decide what type of arts and crafts you’d like to do together. Are you a working parent and want to join them for hands-on fun at a weekend class, or would they prefer to go to a week-long workshop by themselves, where they get to work on lots of fun and exciting projects and bring something proudly home to you every day? Or maybe you stay home with your kids and want to do something a bit different together during the week? Whatever your goals, there’s bound to be a local summer camp that perfectly suits your needs.

Summer camps and classes are a great way to try out tools and equipment you might not have at home, such as making art from raw wood using nail guns, or decorating tote bags or pillow cases using paint and stencils. It’s a nice way to try out techniques and play with new materials, without the hassle of providing everything you need yourself.

Plus, if you’re attending a class with your child outside of your home, someone else will clean up the mess! It’s the perfect solution for helping your crafty kiddo express themselves, while you get to just relax and enjoy the bonding time.

Happy summer crafting!



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