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Benefits of Adjustable Bases for Sleeping

Feb 25, 2018 09:41PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Beds by Design

Finding a great mattress can do wonders for those who have sleeping issues, however, a mattress alone cannot alleviate all situations that lead to unrest. Problems commonly associated with individuals who sleep flat include: difficulty breathing, swelling, back pain and a whole host of other aches. The ability to raise one’s upper and lower body truly offers a solution to these otherwise troublesome pains.

The first step in getting an adjustable base (also known as a power foundation) is to understand how they work. Your mattress sits directly on top of the adjustable base. Instead of having a box spring and frame, you have the base – it provides all the necessary support to ensure the integrity of the mattress. If you already have a bed set with a headboard and footboard, there are most likely wooden slats that go from side-to-side. These can simply be removed and the legs of the adjustable base sit right on the floor. King-sized mattresses most commonly come with two adjustable bases pushed next to each other, just like how two twin extra-long box springs are commonly used. This is due to the fact that a king-sized adjustable base would be rather heavy and difficult to move within a home. The two bases allow for both sides to have their own independent movement, especially if the individual decides to have two separate twin-long mattresses to make up their king. Otherwise, for those who wish to keep the king-size as one, it’s common to have the adjustable bases synced together so they move at the same time, offering the same positions to both partners.

Raising the upper part of the body immediately relieves pressure from one’s chest. This action can help open your airway, making breathing easier. This can lead to less snoring as well as reducing sleep apnea and asthma. Raising the lower half of the body can help reduce swelling in one’s legs by promoting movement of fluids, rather than them pooling and causing swelling and inflammation. The number one force that causes pain in individuals throughout the day and night is gravity. Look for a base that offers a zero-gravity setting. This setting raises both the upper body and lower body to the optimal angles to promote the best blood flow and pressure relief.