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Creative Camps: More than Creating

Feb 25, 2018 06:32PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: JAM Artand Supplies

Aside from being something fun to do, camps can create opportunities to forge new friendships, build social skills and learn something new. Creative camps, in particular, offer benefits extending beyond a creative outlet. 

 Skill Development

Creative projects and activities foster creative thinking and problem-solving development, by enlisting skills like idea generation, finding more than one solution to a problem, and taking risks. Collaborating on a project with peers (such as envisioning and building a group art installation) develops social skills, builds teamwork ability, and allows them to see strengths in others.

Healthy Expression

Creative expression can serve as a personality adjustment, give a person a better understanding of the world around them, and promote a healthier overall outlook on life. Johns Hopkins researchers found that arts education can help rewire the brain in positive ways. In the same turn, creative camps give children the means to express feelings or work out thoughts they otherwise might not know how to articulate, and can also help them make new cognitive connections.

 Academic Improvement

Art-focused educational activities, like creative camps, have been proven in multiple studies to not only help kids stay in school, but improve academic achievement across the board. Creating changes the learning environment to one of discovery for children who are tired of numbers and facts.

Self Worth

Art-oriented camps build a sense of self by letting individuals freely push boundaries. Because there are virtually no rules in creative expression, there is little room for failure or negative comparison. Creating develops a strong sense of self-worth and pride in accomplishment. Understanding each individual has his or her own unique view gives children the confidence to take risks and try new ideas – not just in art, but in other areas of life.

The Sioux Empire is fortunate to have a number of wonderful businesses and organizations that offer great creative opportunities over the summer. Check them out! Your children will thank you.