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Mommy Gets Fit 2018

Jan 28, 2018 04:47PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Koko FitClubSioux Falls

It’s another exciting challenge for Mommy Gets Fit! All of us at Koko FitClub are so excited to participate in this for our third year. Last year Heather and Landon had amazing results, and we are equally confident for this year’s new mommy! As usual, it was an incredibly difficult decision. 

We love being the chosen gym for this gift of a transformation to a deserving mom. Our winner this year is Chelsea VanLeur. Chelsea is a mom to three children, as well as a 3rd grade teacher at Brandon’s Fred Assam Elementary School. We love Chelsea’s determination to work hard and her desire to learn more. Not only does she want to lose weight and get fit, but she also wants to be a healthy mom who makes positive changes in her family’s health too. We’ve got her plan in place!

Chelsea came into Koko for her orientation and was blown away! She had no idea how amazing this facility was, and she said she loved how she didn't feel intimidated at all. The atmosphere was very welcoming and non-threatening. The freedom of digital training is perfect for Chelsea. She will be utilizing our digital strength trainer 2-3 times a week for her strength workouts, as well as cardio programs on the state of the art elliptical and treadmill machines. This is perfect for our busy mom and teacher, because she doesn’t have to make appointments.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Chelsea will work with a certified Koko FitCoach after school and have her personal one on one training session. She will get to experience a variety of different workouts from free-weights, TRX resistant bands, to the highly versatile Free Motion cross trainer and throwing those ropes! We leave no muscle left behind or untouched!

For nutrition, Chelsea is following the Yoli Better Body System. This is a great nutrition program that focuses on reducing body acidity, while burning fat and gaining energy. The nutrition ninja’s at Koko have already been working with Chelsea and are dialing in her eating plan. It’s going to be a great start here at Koko with Chelsea. Cheer her on and follow her journey on Facebook’s 2018Mommy Gets Fit page.  

Q&A With Chelsea:

1. Why did you decide to apply for the challenge?

I have felt uncomfortable in my own skin for some time now. I have known I needed to make a change, but felt confused and frustrated on how start and what to do.  Then I saw the advertisement for Mommy Gets Fit in The ‘Hood Magazine. I knew right then this would be the perfect fit for me. I researched KoKo FitClub and thought it sounded like the right place for me. I have followed the Mommy Get Fit Facebook page so knew a little bit about the program. I was finally ready to take the leap.

2. What are you hoping to accomplish?

For my short-term goals, I hope to start feeling better and build confidence. I also hope to make exercising and getting healthy part of my everyday routine. I look forward to challenging myself to new levels. I’m looking forward to embracing exercise and eating patterns that are out of my comfort zone.

My long-term goals include making fitness a true priority in my life. I understand that exercise is key in keeping weight off long term, which is why I plan to continue to make my health a priority and be a good example for my kids.

3. What are you most excited about?

I am so excited to see the changes that happen with the way I look and feel. It will be so rewarding to see all the hard work pay off. Also, I’m excited to work with KoKo FitClub and ‘Hood Magazine through this journey. I’m excited to be able to work with this group of people that will offer me support through this challenge.

4. What are you most nervous about?

I am not good with change. Going to a gym is not in my comfort zone. Time is going to be my worst enemy. Teaching full time with extra work outside of school hours, three kids with extracurricular activities and just everyday life take up a lot of time.  I’m nervous I won’t be able to balance it all. Finding the right balance will be key to making this work. Once I find what works, it should all fall into place.

5. What do you hope other moms will take away from following your journey?

If I can do it they can do it! Being a mom of three and working full-time takes up a lot of time throughout your day. However, if we don’t take care of ourselves it ultimately can affect our families. I hope I inspire women to feel like they’re worth it.  I think we forget that sometimes, because we’re always putting others before ourselves. I always had an excuse about not having enough time, not wanting to spend the money on a gym membership, etc.  I just had to stop making the excuses and face reality-that I need to get healthy again.


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