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Where to Buy a Mattress

Jan 28, 2018 03:38PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Beds byDesign

There are several factors a person should consider when searching for the right mattress. The right mattress is very important considering we spend, on average, a third of our lives sleeping. Less health issues, obtaining a better memory and being more energized throughout the day are just a few major benefits of a good night’s rest. While there are many mattress stores to choose from, it becomes difficult to know what you should consider when buying your new mattress.

The best thing you can do as a consumer is worry less about the brand name and ask more questions about what materials the mattresses are made up of. Before heading out for a day of mattress shopping, there is one key element to a mattress that will help you find the right bed for you, resulting in a healthier life.

Where is it coming from? Throughout the last decade or so there has been a lot of restrictions put on what ingredients can be used in the United States to make foam for mattresses. This had made United States based foams very safe to sleep on. The negative to this is that there are no restrictions on outsourcing to other countries that do not need to follow these restrictions on certain harmful chemicals. Big box stores benefit from importing these foams because they can get them at a much cheaper price. A great way to avoid these imported foams is to buy from factory direct stores. When shopping at the factory direct stores, there is a good chance most, if not all of their materials are coming from the United States. The reason why is because these stores are saving a lot of money being factory direct by cutting out the middlemen. By saving more money, they can spend more money on materials, insuring safer and longer lasting foams.