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Teacher of the Year Outstanding Nominees

Jan 28, 2018 03:21PM ● By The Hood Magazine

Mrs. Boyle, 1st Grade

Harvey Dunn Elementary School

“Mrs. Boyle is very open with communication and aware of the child's needs. She is very flexible and available to discuss strategies to maximize our child's academic and emotional growth. Our child loves to be in her class!”

Mason S.


Mrs. Breidenbach, 2nd Grade

R. F. Pettigrew Elementary School

“Jenn is such a great teacher. She not only is amazing with teaching her kids school subjects, she is also awesome with teaching kids about friendships, manners and self control. I have had more than one child have Mrs. Breidenbach as a teacher and can go on and on about how much she cares about her class!”

Nominated by Paige S.


Mrs. Dreke, Kindergarten

R. F. Pettigrew Elementary School

“She goes above and beyond for her students. My child has some special needs and concerns and she always communicates with me and listens to me. The transition to public school has been great because of her. She truly loves what she does and it shows.”

Nominated by Reese W.


Mrs Fantroy, Kindergarten

Lowell Elementary School

“Mrs. Fantroy made sure Ryker was comfortable and gave Ryker so much love and support. She would always keep me informed of how Ryker was doing in her classroom and if I ever needed her she was there. She would go above and beyond to make sure not only was Ryker comfortable but that I was comfortable as well.”

Nominated by Ryker R.


Mrs. Hansen, 1st Grade

Rosa Parks Elementary School

“Her experience and expertise are helping our daughter excel and love learning even more! You know you’ve won the absolute jackpot of teachers when your child doesn’t want to miss a single minute of school.”

Nominated by Peyton G.


Mrs Irsfeld, 5th Grade

JFK Elementary School

“My son enjoys going to school this year, because she engages her students. She has a classroom forum for parents and we get daily/weekly updates for activities and assignments.”

Nominated by Max W.


Miss Iverson, K-5 TBC

Liberty Elementary School

“I write this on behalf of my son Thomas. He is non-verbal. Miss Iverson devotes her life to helping others. Not just in the classroom, but also in the community. If anyone is looking for any resources, she is the go-to. She will go above and beyond to make each person feel special.”

Nominated by Thomas W.


Mrs. Maxewll, Pre-K

Dell Rapids St. Mary

“Peggy is amazing because she works so well with the younger children. She had taught my thre-year-old child so much, including how to spell his name in just five hours a week since September! She is so patient and understanding and my child loves her!”

Nominated by Blake H.


Mrs. Metzger, Grades K-2

Home School

“Amy is a stay at home mother and teacher. She has three students as of right now. On Mondays she attends a class at one of the churches where they get updated on what other stay at home teachers are doing.  She is simply the best because she spends time with her students one-on-one as need.”

Nominated by Jayda, Hannah and Isiah M.


Ms. Miller, Pre-School

Sioux Falls Lutheran School

“She loves me and my friends and my brother and always does fun things with me.”

Nominated by Leah F.


Mrs. Miller, 2nd Grade

Harrisburg Explorer Elementary School

“Mrs. Miller takes the time to get to know her children, their interests and their stories. She fills their days with learning, fun and, most of all, hope.”

Nominated by Cade L.


Ms. Miranda-Blanco, 5th Grade

Sonia Sotomayor Elementary

“In every way this teacher has risen above and beyond. She has been innovative and resourceful and it has paid off in dividends. I have a child that lived for the weekend and summer vacation that is now working and succeeding during class.”

Nominated by Dylan V.

Ms. Mohr, 9th-12th Grade

Lyman High School

“Gayle is the most caring and generous teacher I have ever met. She cares for her students and gives them the best math education. She is patient and giving. She volunteers to help the students in any way possible. She is amazing.”

Nominated by Ty S.


Mrs. Morey, Pre-School

“Nicole makes sure our kids are meeting and exceeding all areas not only for academic growth but also social growth. The kids’ days are filled with so many different hands-on activities both in the center and out side of the center.”

Nominated by Emma M.


Mr. Mulhair, 5th Grade

Oscar Howe Elementary School

“Just because he is a teacher, he doesn’t make himself more important than the students. His classroom is structured so students are learning from students. He allows freedom, but is able to maintain control of the classroom.”

Nominated by Kaleb H.


Mrs. O’Connell, 3rd Grade

Centerville Public School

“She always makes learning fun. I had trouble in math and now I am doing really good. This is because she makes me practice every morning. She cares about all of us in her class and I love going to school each day.”

Nominated by Riley C.


Mrs. Parr, Pre K

West Lyon

“Mrs. Parr is amazing with the children. Everyday my son comes home and tells me what they learned, but not just we talked about so-and-so...he actually tells me facts and is excited and constantly talks how much he loves school!”

Nominated by Miles S.


Ms. Rinne, 4th Grade

John Harris Elementary School

“My teacher was my favorite because she has the paint of an army and she makes us feel so amazing. Even if we don’t like something, she makes it fun. She treats us like we are her own kids.”

Nominated by Kinley F.


Ms. Roos, 2nd Grade

Brandon Elementary School

“My teacher always helps me with whatever I need help with. She is always so very patient and kind. She does fun things with us and helps us learn in different ways.”

Micah R.


Mrs. Schaffer, Kindergarten

Brandon Elementary School

“She makes me work hard. She cares about me and makes me feel special. I like all the fun things she teaches me. Mrs. Schaffer has a lot of patience. I'm so glad she is my teacher. She really makes me laugh.”

Nominated by Mason W.


Mrs. Schaffer, Kindergarten

Brandon Elementary School

“I love my teacher because she makes kindergarten so fun! I LOVE homework because I love to learn and make my teacher happy. She does lots of fun things with us like projects and fun things.”

Nominated by Ryker R.

Mr. Thompson, 4 Year Preschool

“Mr. Joe as the students call him, words can't say enough. I am amazed at what our girls have learned him from even in a short time. He takes the time to make learning letters, number, colors and shapes fun. He turns things into songs and comes up with creative activities that go along with what they’re learning.”

Nominated by Sydnie and Piper J.


Mrs. Thompson, Pre-K

Discovery Elementary School

“She makes me work hard. She cares about me and makes me feel special. I like all the fun things she teaches me. Mrs. Schaffer has a lot of patience. I'm so glad she is my teacher. She really makes me laugh.”

Nominated by Kensington B.


Mrs. Weaver, 3rd Grade

R. F. Pettigrew Elementary School

“My son has ADHD and because of that he has a hard time focusing and gets in trouble a lot. She has helped him gain back his confidence and he is now doing extremely well in school.”

Nominated by Jacob W.