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2018 Teacher of the Year

Jan 28, 2018 03:13PM ● By The Hood Magazine

Meet Mrs. Beesley, a second grade teacher at Brandon Elementary School. When she found out she was the winner of The ‘Hood Magazine’s 2018 Teacher of the Year Award, she says she couldn’t help but feel emotional.

“What an honor,” said Mrs. Beesley. “I had to hold in the tears. I come from a teaching family. It’s an honor for me and for my family. It was quite a day. The kids weren’t sure what to say.”

The one student who knows exactly what to say is Garrison T. Garrison was the student who nominated Mrs. Beesley for this year’s honor.

“She lets me play computer games, gives us treats for good behavior and lets me read books at my reading level,” said Garrison. “She even had to go talk to the librarian so I could read my favorite books.”

“He’s a very special student,” said Mrs. Beesley. “He’s very intelligent and he’s very good at figuring things out. He thinks outside the box when it comes to learning. It’s fun to see him trying to explain things that wouldn’t be the norm.”

Making sure students have a good experience and remember their time in school is very important to this teacher of the year.

“I want them to remember things they did with Mrs. Beesley and remember with kindness in their heart,” she said. “That second grade was good and a fun and wonderful place to be and that it was safe.”

Mrs. Beesley has been teaching for the past 37 years. She plans to retire after this year and try out something new.

“It’s fun to think about it,” said Mrs. Beesley. “I have some sad moments too, thinking about missing the kids. I’ll truly miss them. It’s time. I need to turn the page and do something a little different.”

She’ll be working as a receptionist at her nephew’s business in Brandon. A whole new adventure for this avid teacher, but she knows she’s going out on a high note and has a lot of pride of her time in the classroom.

“There’s a lot of times to think about things you’ve done when you’re honored like this,” said Mrs. Beesley.

Garrison’s mom Tanya is thankful for Mrs. Beesley’s passion.

“She has chosen to make her profession her passion and it shows in and out of her classroom,” said Tanya. “It is also amazing that it is her retirement year after 30 plus years of teaching and touching numerous children’s lives.”

So while she prepares to wrap up her last year of teaching, she’s doing so with a big honor and a $250 scholarship that will be put to good use.

“We’re going to have a pizza party for the classroom and rent inflatables for the whole school,” said Mrs. Beesley.

A gesture that sums up her many years of teaching.

“It’s not an honor just for me,” said Mrs. Beesley. “I want the people that I love to know that this is truly an honor that I share with them.”