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Apple Art

01/12/2018 08:04PM ● By Digital Media Director
Who said food can't be fun! Excite you little ones with some Apple Animals. Check out how easy these cute little snacks were below!

Owl Apples

1. Use thin slices of apples and lay on plate to create wings.

 2. Use half of an apple to create the "body".

 3. Use the remainder of the apple to create a head. A banana and orange work perfect for eyes, beak, and feet. Don't forget the chocolate chips.

 4. Grab a pretzel stick to make a branch, and your all done!


Crab Apple

1. Lay thin slices of apples out for the legs.

 2. Use half an apple for the "body" of the crab.

 3. A couple chocolate chips make the perfect eyes!

 4. Cut out some front pinchers, and show off your work!