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Hat and Mitten Garland

Dec 31, 2017 01:52PM ● By The Hood Magazine

 Winter themed garland is the perfect project for the whole family. Grab a scissors, some glue, paper, cotton balls, and some string or yarn.

Hat & Mitten Garland

Cut out a simple mitten and stocking hat shape to use as a template. Depending on their age, let the kids trace your template and cut their own, or let them decorate a pre-cut one.

Using markers or crayon, decorate the hats and mittens. Glue cotton balls to the bottom of the hat and mittens, don's forget to add a cotton ball to the top of your hat too!

 When everything is dry, use some tape to attach the mittens and hats to sting or yarn, and find the perfect place to hang this new masterpiece.




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