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Create Less Stress and More Family Time

Dec 28, 2017 03:16PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Karl’s TV Audio & Appliance

Dinners shouldn’t be complicated, or stressful, and certainly not very expensive! How can you make eating healthy and convenient plus add the element of FUN?

Do It Yourself (DIY) is truly an answer to help you in your extremely busy and fast paced world. Recently I heard of a process of “Do it, Delegate it or Dump it!” The same mantra can be used in helping you to create less stress and create more family time.

Homemade foods versus processed convenient stuff, which would you, rather feed your family? Our world is filled with convenience, like “send me a text”, Snapchat me”, “OMY home will stop at GS 2 pickup ”     “ even the way we communicate is minimized, but is the communication or the  food choices like these examples the ones you want for your family? The gas station, grocery store, even the lumber yards that sell milk and frozen foods are filled with these choices. Its time you invest in you and your family.

Don’t let the frozen isle in the grocery store handcuff your family, or the premixed drinks or even the snacks needed for home or soccer games be what limits your free time. Make them yourself! Create a new family event and spend time with your kids and teach them how to cook, how to look for value in time and healthy eating. Is it convenient to do this, probably not, however the overall exposure to family time, to teaching elements of cooking and all of the learning that goes with it is math, science and fun!  We believe these often outweigh the convenience of isle 14 at your local market! The overall cost of your foods will be lower, the health benefits of all of your own DIY foods will be higher and FUN will prevail.

Marketing has allowed us to become dependent on the “fast food” and convenient stores. In fact, these restaurants have even begun to try to convince you that it’s too hard or time consuming to make your own. Don’t believe them, try it!

Think about this – if you have eggs and butter in the refrigerator and flour in the cupboard, is it too hard to put those together to make a cake, or is it easier to drive to the store, buy a cake mix and still have to get the ingredients?

Can you see yourself having family time making fun stuff like snack bars, bagels, chicken strips, frozen dinners, seasonings, soup mixes and so many other things? Your time is one asset you cannot get back; invest it well for your family and WITH your family!