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Considering a Gym Home? Keep your Expectations High!

Nov 29, 2017 03:37PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Jessica Schaap, Koko FitClub Sioux Falls

I have been to many a gym in my days. Some became a second home and some felt like I was duped. You know what I am talking about, like when you book a hotel room online based on the pictures and you get there and it’s not what you expected.

First and foremost is CLEANLINESS. This is the number one thing to look for in my opinion. Who wants to sit in someone’s sweat or lay down on a stinky, wet mat from a complete stranger? This to me is a 50/50 partnership. When your members take pride in “their” gym, they also take care of it. If the gym you are touring looks clean, not only because of the staff, but because of the members, then you have a winner. 

Second is staff. Are they there to punch a clock and collect a check, or are they there because they truly have a desire to change lives? Staff is crucial in my opinion. I picture it like this. What if a gym goer has a job they hate, or maybe someone’s workday has fallen apart, even more so, how about a stressed out mom with no “me time?” They want to talk themselves out of going to the gym, but they know they can count on getting recharged when they get there. It’s when they walk through the door and the staff greets them by name, with a smile, a high five, and shows they truly care. This is where the gym becomes more than a gym. It becomes a home and the staff is a family member. 

Is the gym’s location ideal? Most people workout after 5:30 p.m. Drive from your workplace to the gym and calculate. How long did it take you? Can you find a parking spot? Do the gym hours and class times work with your schedule? 24 hour access, parking and other amenities are all important things to look at. Do they offer a trial month to see if this works in your day-to-day grind?

What do you need to be successful? We have some amazing gyms in our wonderful community. I know many gym owners and they are top-notch folks. You can’t be the cheapest and the best. You should always get what you pay for. People need accountability, motivation and guidance. Are you willing to sacrifice something in your budget that doesn’t serve you, for a gym membership that will?

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