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KDLT News- Thanksgiving Crafts

Nov 21, 2017 ● By The Hood Magazine
We packed up our art supplies and stopped over at KDLT News to share some super easy Thanksgiving crafts. All you need is some Popsicle sticks, construction paper, scissors, glue/tape, and a couple markers. With those few items we were able to make turkeys and Pilgrims! 

All you need to do is take a handful of sticks, lay them side by side, and tape them together on the backside. If you want to make a turkey, we colored ours brown, added some fun googly eyes, and cut out multiple feathers we glued to the back. For the Pilgrim, we cut out a hat out of construction paper, glued it on, and just added some fun facial features with a marker. It's really that easy! These not only make cute little crafts you could hang up, but maybe add a name and now it could be a place card on your Thanksgiving Day table!

Happy Thanksgiving!