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Combatting the Flu with Home Appliances

Oct 27, 2017 01:01PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Karls TV, Appliance and Furniture

In addition to cleaning the clothes, the sanitize cycles heat the water to at least 165 degrees to do away with any nasty microorganisms left in your clothing, or fabrics.  An extra bonus: sanitizing also kills odor-causing bacteria. That washcloth used to clean the fish or chicken off the counter or fido's smelly old dog bed; they’ll all receive a second life. It's important to note the washer comes with a seal from NSF International. NSFI is a consumer health and safety organization, and their seal of approval means your washing machine eliminates 99.9 percent of organisms.

Your dishwasher can be another weapon in battling the bugs of the season. By getting steam to your dishes and utensils you really have no other need for anything else. That’s the magic of the sanitize feature.

These along with other appliances in your home including air purifiers and water purification systems are all options that can benefit you and all of your family members when chronic or seasonal bugs hit home!

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