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Paper Plate Ghosts

Sep 26, 2017 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Jaclyn Small, Creative/Events Director


2 foam plates

Black construction paper

White paper

White crepe paper



Pipe cleaner or string to hang


Start by cutting out eyes, a mouth and hands out of the black and white paper and long strips of crepe paper. 

Glue eyes and mouth onto the backside of one of the plates.

Glue hands onto the front of the other plate. Glue several strips of crepe paper onto the bottom of the front of the plate. 

Glue the plate with the face to the plate with the hands. Give the edges a good pinch!

Use a pipe cleaner or string to create a loop at the top. Pipe cleaners work great because they poke right through the two foam plates. Hang to display! (They look adorable hanging on a door!)