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Getting the Most Out of Kids Clothing

Aug 28, 2017 09:17AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Shaina Herrmann

Laundry care is often overlooked as an essential tool to extend the use of any garment. Choosing a laundry detergent with little to no fillers to clog the fibers, and finding alternatives to dryer sheets that will not coat your clothes will help the item retain their quality over time. Educate yourself on how to remove specific types of stains and how to clean shoes, hats, etc.

Passing clothes down to younger siblings is one of the best ways to get more use out of the clothing you have. Before throwing all outgrown clothing into bins to be saved for siblings, do a small purge of clothing that didn’t fit well, lower quality clothes and worn out clothing.  

Try buying one size too “big.” Some shirts and dresses a size too big for a child may actually fit them quite well, so rather than wearing a shirt just for the one year/season, the shirt can be worn for two years before handing it down to a younger sibling or friend. This of course only works if you have children who aren’t growing like weeds!

Sharing with friends is a great way to gain more use out of your kids’ clothing. Set aside a couple times a year to host a “swap party” for kids’ clothes. Parents have the option to gather bags of clothes for specific children ahead of time or have each parent look through the clothing at the party. Any clothing left can be donated.

Limiting the number of outfits each child has not only saves you money, but it allows your child to get more use out of each outfit. If a child has 30 or more outfits, it all comes down to more money spent on clothes, more laundry to do and the chance to wear the outfit maybe once a month, during one or two seasons out of the year.  

Consignment shops are great for earning some money back on your outgrown clothing. Set aside a bin for clothing you have no more use for. Once it’s filled, take it to a local consignment shop; any money made from the clothing can be put towards clothes for the new season.

Worn out clothes can be saved as messy play clothes. Save a few worn out clothing items for creative outlets such as painting or outdoor play.  
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