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Bubble Snakes

Jun 29, 2017 10:25AM ● By The Hood Magazine
This project only requires three things and chances are you have them all! In a matter of minutes you can make these water bottle bubble snakes that will provide the kids with endless fun.

What you need: 

Empty water bottle
Sock (Put one of those mis-matched socks to use!)
Dish Soap


Cut the bottom of the water bottle off. Place the sock over the water bottle. Big kid socks fit great, but use what you have. If your sock is a little bigger, use a rubber band or duct tape to be sure it's on the bottle snug and won't fall off.
In a shallow bowl add a splash of water with a generous squeeze of dish soap. Dip the sock-covered water bottle in the bowl and... BLOW! The harder you blow into your bottle, the longer your bubble snake will be!