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Make Your Own Outdoor Chalkboard

May 30, 2017 10:18AM ● By The Hood Magazine
Who doesn't enjoy sidewalk chalk?

We love it at our house, so much we wanted to make a special place to draw in the backyard by making a chalkboard to hang off of our fence. With a quick trip to Home Depot we had the supplies we needed and were ready to start! If this is something you would like for your own yard, you can find out what we used below.


- 3 ft. x 5 ft. cement backerboard (You could also use treated plywood)
- 4 - 1x4 boards (treated is best, or use regular lumber and weatherproof the wood)
- 1 tube of Liquid Nails
- Screws
- Miter saw
- 1 Quart of chalkboard paint
- Stain or exterior paint of your choice for frame
- (optional) Outdoor Polyurethane (I used the spray kind and sprayed two quick coats over the frame once the stain was dry. This is an optional step, but depending how exposed your chalkboard is to changing weather, it will certainly help maintain it longer!)


Lay the backerboard or plywood down on a flat surface and paint two coats of chalkboard paint on the back. (You can use either side of the backerboard, but we found the back side was a little smoother.)

While your paint is drying, use a miter saw to cut the 1x4 boards into a frame. Assemble your frame using nails or screws. Use any exterior paint or stain to add a pop of color to your frame. When dry, you have the option to use an exterior sealer to ensure your frame holds up against sun and rain.

When everything is dry you are ready to assemble! Lay the frame on a flat surface with the backside facing up. Use generous line of Liquid Nails all the way around the frame. Place the chalkboard down onto the frame and lightly press. Using a couple extra screws to help hold everything together is optional, but certainly worth while. Leave everything to lay for about an hour to make sure the glue is dry before hanging it up.

Once everything is dry, you are ready to display! This project take a little extra time, but definitely worth it when you see the hours of fun it will bring to your yard!

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