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A Sweet Personalized Gift Perfect for That Special Mom

May 12, 2017 08:39AM ● By The Hood Magazine
In just a few easy steps you can make your own photo vase. There are adorable and work great for special gifts, easy decor, or awesome party decorations!

  • Glass jar of any size
  • Photo to display
  • Spray paint of any kind or color
  • Painters tape or decorative sticker or label

To make your vase, simply place a sticker or label on your jar. Labels with decorative edges make for a pretty frame. Or use painters tape to tape off a "frame" on your jar. Once you have the space covered where your photo will display, spray paint the jar.

 your jar has dried, peel off the tape or sticker/label. If your label doesn't come off great - don't stress! Use a wet paper towel to blot the area where the label is stuck, vinegar on a paper towel works great for this too! 

All that is left is to cut your photo and slide it into the jar to display how you would like. Leave your jar as is, or add some sweet custom touches. You could write or paint a special note on the back. Use ribbon or string to add some detail. Add a tag to make it more personal. To get kids more involved, they could paint dots or add some glitter. Finish decorating your vase however you would like, add some pretty flower stems, and gift to that special Mom or Grandma in your life!
                                                          Happy Mother's Day!



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