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Family Fitness: Recreational activities provide exercise too!

Apr 27, 2017 08:30AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Perfect Practice Sports Academy

While being Superman or Wonder Woman, you may not realize you’re getting some of the best benefits for your body.

By jumping on a trampoline you can improve your:




Muscle tone

Muscle control


Cardiovascular Health

 Trampolines can be enjoyed by everyone of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Whether you’re into organized sports or video gaming. Learning how to jump up and down on a trampoline, throwing in some aerial moves and then landing steadily on your feet can be super challenging. Having the ambition to master these skills can lead to improving self-esteem, perseverance and self-confidence. Because it’s so much fun, kids stick with the jumping even when tricks are hard to perform and they have a great time learning if you really stick to it, you can succeed in almost anything.

For athletes who play other sports, exercising on a trampoline can serve as a great cross-training exercise.  Jumping from a constantly moving surface and landing upright on two feet can be a challenge to the body.  Anyone who regularly plays on a trampoline can quickly develop and improve balance and coordination. Your center of gravity constantly changes on this moving surface requiring jumpers to be aware of their balance the whole time in order to stay upright; a skill that transfers well to other activities. It helps improve basic skills and enhances others. Many athletes, including skiers, divers, gymnasts and cheerleaders regularly use trampolines as part of their fitness training.  There is also far less stress on the body than running or jogging. Even the least athletic human can benefit greatly from a trampoline.