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Exercising During Pregnancy

04/27/2017 08:28AM ● By Digital Media Director

By: Kennen Barber-Ensz, barre3 Sioux Falls

Exercising during pregnancy has all the same benefits of exercise outside of pregnancy, such as: fighting fatigue, boosting moods, improving sleep, and easing back and pelvic pain (and what mama-to-be doesn’t want that?) During pregnancy, exercise also has some amazing benefits for baby, including; boosted brain and heart health, lower BMI and reduced odds of diabetes. Keep in mind every pregnancy is different and that you should consult your doctor. Read on for a few tips and tricks regarding what to avoid and what to embrace during your pregnancy journey.

Avoid It!

·         High impact activities. Exercises with jarring motions, extensive jumping, rapid changes in direction, or where falling is more likely are probably not the safest choice while your little one is growing.

·         Crunching. Doing crunches while pregnant can actually weaken your abdominal wall and contribute to abdominal separation.

·         Lying on your belly. This can put unwanted pressure on your uterus, besides the discomfort of your growing bump!

·         Lying on your back. This could cause a restriction of essential blood flow to you and your baby, as the weight of your uterus can compress an artery that runs along your spine. You may feel fine lying on your back; take note if you feel lightheaded be sure to sit upright.

·         Overstretching. Levels of the hormone relaxin will rise during your first trimester and can help you feel super flexible, but avoid stretching more than you did before pregnancy to prevent injury.

Embrace It!

·         Low impact activities. Any activity that gets your heart pumping and your muscles working will feel good! Some great options while pregnant include swimming, stationery biking, walking, yoga and barre classes. These activities can help you maintain muscle tone and work your heart and lungs without adding stress to your joints.

·         Honor your body. Remember, you’re working out for two now! This isn’t the time to start training for a marathon or trying to set a personal record. Listening to your body and adapting your workout if something doesn’t feel right is best. Stay focused on the reasons you’re exercising: a healthy, happy pregnancy, a sense of ease in delivery and a smoother recovery.

·         Let go of expectations. Every day will feel different, and some days you might just not feel up to the same level of intensity to which you’re accustomed. Know that it’s ok and just enjoy this special time.