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Jogging Strollers: All You Need to Know

04/26/2017 09:40AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Desiree Rohrbach, ‘Hood Intern

It can be hard to find time to exercise after you have children. Heading off to the gym isn’t so simple anymore and keeping your little one entertained while you burn calories on the elliptical can be a challenge. This is why many parents are buying jogging strollers. A jogging stroller allows you to start exercising again and safely take your little one with you.


Here are a few things to look for when purchasing your jogging stroller:


Tire size: Jogging strollers have three inflatable tires that can be found in several different sizes. Bigger wheels will allow you to make bigger strides and reduce the resistance. It is 

 suggested that 12” tires be used for smooth paths, 16” tires for running along, or cutting through grass, and 20”+ tires for frequent off road use.


Swivel front: Many jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel, which allows for more stability and helps joggers stay on a straight path. For those who wish to use their strollers in crowded spaces like the mall, some parents find the swivel front wheel easier to maneuver in cramped spaces. It is important to note that while many swivel front strollers come with a locking feature, they typically only come with 12” wheels.


Foldable: Struggling to fold your jogging stroller can be a workout in itself, so make sure you are able to easily fold your jogging stroller before you make a purchase.


 Durable: Buying a jogging stroller is often a bigger investment than purchasing an ordinary baby carriage. If you’re going to pay more, it’s important to insure that the product will last. Some strollers come with plastic wheel locks and foot rests, consider opting for the metal versions instead.

Information provided by Kids Stuff Superstore

Additional information provided by Baby Gear Lab