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Seasonal Comforts During Pregnancy

Apr 26, 2017 09:30AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Eleanor Turner, Nourish Birth Collective

When you’re pregnant, seasonal changes can bring unique challenges. What to wear, what to eat, and what to use for health and wellness, can all be tricky to navigate.
Here’s a quick list of suggestions to get you started.


What to wear: Layers, layers, layers. Dress your bump for comfort and warmth, and don’t forget some sturdy boots to avoid slipping in frosty weather. Also make sure your car seat belt sits correctly across your hips when wearing a winter coat.
What to eat: Hearty vegetable soups and casseroles are great for getting the nutrients you and your baby need during the colder months.
Wellness: Check out the free LactMed app on your phone or for a list of cold and flu medications that are safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Try to get outside for some winter sunshine, to help with pregnancy mood swings and vitamin D.


What to wear: Did you know your feet can grow by up to two shoe sizes during pregnancy? It might be time to grab some new rain boots to wear in the fresh spring rain.
What to eat: Spring is a season of new life and change, so why not explore a new restaurant or make an original dish at home before your little one arrives?
Wellness: If you’re an allergy sufferer during spring, talk to your healthcare team about some safe options for relief during pregnancy. This is also a great time to explore prenatal yoga or chiropractic care.


What to wear: Now that the weather is warming up and you’re wearing fewer layers, it might be time to invest in some new maternity underwear. Help your summer wardrobe look its absolute best from the inside out.
What to eat: Mmm… summer is the season for delicious fresh fruit. Explore fruit salads, smoothies, or just add a scoop of berries to a bowl of ice cream.
Wellness: Pregnancy skin needs some extra TLC, so use a daily sunscreen with a high SPF, and plenty of moisturizing body lotion if you’re experiencing itching from stretch marks.


What to wear: Maternity leggings under tunics – paired with a great set of boots for crisp autumn walks – will make you look great and feel comfortable. This is also the season for making sure your outerwear will fit over a growing bump.

What to eat: Think campfire foods and watching the game. Host a potluck and ask everyone to bring a freezer-ready version of their dish for you to keep, ready for when your baby comes home.

Wellness: Make sure you’re drinking enough fluids as the weather gets drier. Get your recommended daily intake by adding fruit, mint, or natural flavors to your water and sip throughout the day.

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