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Think Home Made for Mother's and Father's Day

Apr 24, 2017 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Jessica Brovold

Remember when you were a child and how much fun it was to create items from scratch? To let your creativity flow and have so much fun at the same time? If you have been too busy lately to work on a creative project, now is the perfect time! Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is coming up in May and June and what a perfect opportunity to sit down with your kids and create homemade gift that will create memories for years to come!

When planning what you’ll make, think of what your child’s parent likes, where they could put it and get the most use of out it! More importantly, get some feedback from the kids. What would they like to create? This is a great time to teach your kids about craftsmanship to create memorable objects and presents that can prove to be far superior to any normal store-bought gift.

If you’re like many, finding the perfect gift can be a struggle. You could shop for hours trying to find the perfect item and still leave empty handed. This is more reason to get crafty with the kids.

No matter what you choose to make, when all of your hard work is done, you get to see the final product. The next best part is seeing the reaction of the person you’re giving it to.