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Planning a First Birthday - A Mom's Perspective

Mar 30, 2017 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Randi Pederson, Max’s Mom

When did you start planning the first birthday party?

I started thinking about it when Max was 6 months old! I talked to my husband to decide what we wanted for his birthday. At 2 months out we got our guest list together and sent Evites to everyone (I mailed ones to people who don't have email). Then I started looking for a place to have it. Most hotels were booked! If you're going to plan a party on the weekend in Sioux Falls - book months in advance!!

Where did you go?

I decided on a local hotel with a water park. We rented a suite where our family could sit around and not have to be in the loud, humid pool area. The party itself was held in the breakfast area at the hotel. It was roomier with everyone in there for cake and presents.

How many people did you invite?

We invited 50+ people. We have family from Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Did you set a budget?

Yes, budget friendly! I had a friend take pictures for me, I bought fondant animals for the cake, but made it myself. For decorations, I bought from a local store, but decorated the display table only (not the whole room), I emailed invitations and used some leftover paper plates and napkins.

Why did you decide to go all out for the first birthday?

 It's a first birthday-it only happens once! I wanted to share the joy of Max's first year with all my family and friends. It is a lot of work the day of the party taking care of your one year old and being a hostess of the party, but it was worth it! I loved seeing all the smiles and laughs from everyone.

I also made a photo tower for everyone to see pictures from his first year. I took monthly photos and put those on one side. It was a great way to share memories of the past year!