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Family Gets Fit Update

Mar 28, 2017 03:07PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Jessica Brovold

Landon is getting stronger and leaner. He had a good laugh after someone noticed his muscles and called him a "beefcake!" Heather has lost over 20 pounds and several inches. She's had a 39% strength gain and finally made it into the Koko FitZone! The Better Body System meal plan has been really workable for this mother and son team. In fact, they even took a weekend trip and planned to indulge a bit, but found the foods that used to be their weaknesses really weren't even tempting anymore.

They’re now in the habit now of eating whole, clean foods! Landon is feeling the benefits of the strength training at his job, as the strenuous physical work is much easier for him now. Heather is noticing heart health benefits! Her heart rate used to jump over 200 as soon as she started any cardio. Now she has to push hard to go over 160. Her resting heart rate is much lower, too. They tell us they’re loving the positive, encouraging atmosphere at Koko. They also just earned their orange lanyards and silver medallions, which means they’re taking their fitness to whole new levels! Stay tuned as we plan to reveal Heather and Landon’s results in our May/June issue of ‘Hood Magazine.



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