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Green Birthday Parties

Mar 28, 2017 02:47PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Anna Hudelson, Education Director, Museum of Visual Materials

Craft Favors

Save up on recyclable material during the year and have a craft station. The craft the kids make can be the party favor and gives you an activity to do. Chances are if you purchase a party favor it will end up being left at the party or never make it out of their vehicle. Do yourself a ‘favor” and skip the party favor!

Food & Drinks

While planning, try and remember to cut down on the waste. Have your party in between lunch and dinner. This will save you time and money of preparing a meal for a group of people who are probably more interested in playing than eating anyways. Finger food will cut down cost and waste of utensils and plates. Have a dispenser of lemonade or low sugar punch. This will cut your cost and waste of having barely drank single serve containers everywhere. If you use recyclable cups, have a clearly labeled recyclable bin so your guest will dispose of it properly. Otherwise use reusable plastic cups and small plates and have sudsy soap water ready for easy clean up after party.


Create your own party decorations with the birthday boy or girl. There are ton of ideas on Pinterest and try to use what you have at home. Creating decorations is another activity you can do before the party for a boredom buster and build anticipation for the big day. If you do decide to purchase decorations, save them for more parties to come by having a party storage box that is your go to for all other birthday parties or other celebrations throughout the year.


Have the party at your home or backyard. Work with what you have and get creative with it. If it’s in your home, have a dance party in living room! Or create homemade games you can reuse such as toilet paper bowling, bucket toss and more. Outdoor activities can be a hula-hoop contest, obstacle course, hopscotch and/or a classic game of tag.

It is challenging to make every piece of the birthday party earth-friendly, but even a small change can make the planet an improved place. A healthier earth is the best gift you can give to a kid.