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The Perfect Amount of Cake

Mar 28, 2017 03:19PM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Kari Popham, Sugars Baked Goods and Sweet Treats

With the following simple steps, you can easily order the perfect amount of birthday cake for your party!

 Before finalizing a birthday cake order, you’ll want to consider a few party details. First, have a look through your guest list to determine the types of attendees who will be at the party. Younger children will typically eat a smaller slice of cake than older kids and adults, meaning at a party with lots of little ones, you will be able to get more slices than may be typically advertised for a particular cake size. Next, think about the type of menu you’ll be providing during the event. If the cake will be served after a full lunch, you can scale back the number of servings a bit. However, if you plan to simply offer snacks and dessert, you may want to consider ordering extra cake servings to ensure your guests are satisfied! 

Finally, determine if the cake will be the only type of dessert at the party, or if you will also offer an alternative, such as cookies or candy. Most guests hope to enjoy something sweet at a birthday party, but with additional dessert options, you can often lower the total number of cake servings.   

To put these steps into practice, consider the following formulas: For a party that is offering a full lunch, plan on approximately one-half serving of cake for each child under the age of five and one serving of cake for older kids and adults.  If your party will include snacks and dessert as the only food, increase the cake quantity to one serving for small children and one-and-a-half servings for the older guests. If you plan to have additional types of desserts at the party, simply replace one serving of cake with an equal serving of another dessert, such as one cupcake or two small cookies.

If you have cake leftover at the end of the party, you can easily save if for a later date by first setting the unwrapped cake in the freezer until it is fully frozen (approximately 1-2 hours). Then wrap the cake tightly with plastic wrap and place into a plastic container. A frozen cake will store well in the freezer for up to three months. Or, you can simply enjoy any leftover cake once the guests have left…you’ll deserve it! 
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