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Planning the Perfect Shower

Mar 28, 2017 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Jessica Brovold

Aside from the basics of choosing a date, time, number of guests and getting the invites and party preps together, there are so many meaningful ways to celebrate.

Décor: When planning décor, take into consideration the baby nursery décor and find ways to use items that can be repurposed once baby arrives. 

Keepsake activities: Choose a few different craft options for your guests to participate in such as wishes for baby, a thumbprint canvas guest book including the thumb prints of all the guests, or a baby headband for a little girl.

Cards: Encourage your guests to make a card for each of your child’s birthdays. Once guests arrive, they draw a number and take part in a craft activity to create a card that will be given to the child for the corresponding year. Every year, there will be a special card for them that was created before they were even born. 

Food: Not sure what to serve? Find a family tradition type of meal that bring meaning to the celebration. Think of easy to serve items that don’t require much prep. Foods from the palm or your hand and served at room temperature are best.