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Hiring a Birth Photographer

03/28/2017 01:32PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Hannah Parker, Fresh Love Photography & Birth Services

There has been a spotlight recently on birth photography thanks in part to a yearly competition put on by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. Winning photographs have been shared virally through social media as well as news media. But why are so many parents choosing to add an additional person to their birth team? Some of the top reasons families hire birth photographers are:

1.  Your partner can focus on supporting you instead of worrying about the camera.

2.  A professional birth photographer has good understanding of working in low light situations and usually will not need to use an intrusive flash.

3.  Calling in the middle of the night will not bother a birth photographer; in fact, she is on call for you 24/7 leading up to your labor.

4.  A professional will see the beauty in your journey, and show that through her art

5.  Your baby will never again have a BIRTH day, you will want to remember these sweet moments.

Finding the right birth photographer is important because she will be part of your birth team, so you want to find someone you trust. I always advise families to interview anyone they will potentially add to the labor room. Some good questions would include “What made you decide to become a birth photographer?”, “How long have you been a photographer/birth photographer?”, “Do you have a backup in case you are not able to make it?”, “What happens if I have a c-section?”, “What if I don’t want to share my birth photos publicly?”, “What is your fee?” It’s a good idea to not only ask interview questions, but also have some small talk, and just focus on how this person makes you feel. Does she put you at ease, or does she add stress? Is she confident and make you feel like she can handle any situation?

After my first child was born, I realized how much I missed out on not hiring a birth photographer. After that, one of the first things I did as soon as I knew I was pregnant was hire a photographer. These are moments we never get back. In my opinion, birth photography is worth at least as much as wedding photography.